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September 28, 2020 @ 7:12 am

Ep 125 Blow Out The Competition By Offering More And Making More

On this episode we talk about a deal where we are able to offer way more money than our competitor by structuring terms. Always let the Seller know the following-  We can pay more if you're open to it. This is a rental, so how would you like to make better cash flow?

This is the property info: 4 bed 2 bath 1500sqft. Seller owes 57K 635 piti, receiving 675 in rent. Property is dated. Could rent for 1500/month. ARV 255K. She already had a cash offer of 165K. 

Offer 180K pp 9K down 2.5% 850/month for 42 months. We will owe 149,351. Almost 22K principal paydown and the Seller gets 194,051 gross after 42 months. 

Wholesale for 206K to a Landlord with 35K down and the buyer would make repairs /upgrades.

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September 21, 2020 @ 3:00 am

Ep 124 How To Create Terms Around An Existing Lease- A Hybrid Approach

On this episode we talk about how to structure financing around a new lease that the Seller has just signed. This is a very creative deal because Jeff teaches us how he was able to structure hybrid terms to deal with the tenant for the term of the lease and THEN create additional terms thereafter to make this a deal. And the key to making this whole thing work is to get in light which is an ongoing theme of this show and creative financing. So pay attention and watch how this works… Enjoy! 

And to get special access to a step by step video on how to structure creative financing offers, text CFP to our hotline at 877-409-8090 or click HERE. 

SFR- 4 bed 2 bath FMV=  485K,  200K owed 1400 payment, it's a rental,  2100 rents. Needs little down, supreme area. Exit strategy- Wholesale to Buyer 

Offer 490K with 22K down.  Payment for 12 months- 1,550. Cash on Cash return 17.8% 

After 12 months principle = 461,020 interest 3% interest with 36 month term and payment of 1950

1550x12= 18,600 + 22,000= 40600  + (1950x36) = 70,200 + 431,019= 541,819 Gross to Seller over 48 months.

Sell to Owner Occupant at 515,00 with 50K down financed 465,000 at 5% for= 2496 payment. 25K made up front = 4000 + 20,000 = 12000 difference of principle= 60,000 approximate profit over 48 months.

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September 14, 2020 @ 3:00 am

Ep 123 Determining Your Exit Strategy

On this episode we go over how to determine your exit strategy. This is crucial because this is how you make money. We go over who your end buyer should be. Whether you are wholesaling it to an investor, a tenant buyer, or an owner occupant, you need to determine this when you are putting the deal together. Some of the most important aspects to determine this are the condition of the property, monthly payment, and amount of equity. 

Hope you enjoy, And to get special access to a step by step video on how to structure creative financing offers, text CFP to our hotline at 877-409-8090 or click HERE.


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September 7, 2020 @ 7:45 am

Ep 122 Back To The Basics- The 5 Strategies

On this episode we go back to the basics by reviewing the 5 strategies that we use in creative financing. We go over the pro's and con's of each one and the scenario in which you would use them.

The 5 strategies are-

1. Contract For Deed or Land Contract.

2. Trust Deed or Mortgage

3. All Inclusive Trust Deed or Wrap Around Mortgage.

4. Lease Option

5.. Seller Subordination or Carry Back.


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