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April 13, 2020 @ 3:00 am

Ep 101 Creative Financing; What Makes It Work

On this episode we really just have a conversation about what makes Creative Financing work. We talk about getting in light, keeping the end in mind, who’s your end buyer, what's your goal for the property, working the numbers backwards, wholesaling vs buy and hold, staying in the middle of deals to get paid up front, receive monthly cash flow, and get paid on the back end of the deal. We talk about private money and how using Creative Financing can help you find Private Money Lenders and how cross-collateralization can further secure your lender. This is a summary of all the strategies and best practices we talk about on the show. Hope you enjoy!

And to get special access to a step by step video on how to structure offers, text CFP to our hotline at 877-409-8090 or click HERE.

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