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March 29, 2021 @ 3:00 am

Ep 151 pt.1 Case Study, How To Make A Marginal Deal A Phenomenal One!

What would you do to make this deal work? Listen close to the key strategy that takes this deal from marginal one to a phenomenal one. This deal was posted in our Facebook group, so lets us know what your offer(s) are there... Here are the numbers. 

ARV 235K, wants 200K, Owes 31K, 350/month PITI, rents 1250/1350 month. Wants 10K up front to carry terms. $2100 in taxes/yr. Here are some offers we talk about on this episode.

Offer 1 

Short term finance 170 pp 20K down for 6months- 

150K cash close in 7 days

Seller finance to owner occ. 200 K pp 3% for 6years 

Seller subordination 180K 51K down 129K 3% 6years 111,560 owed at .


Jeff Offers

145K cash 

155 K short term 20K down 1000/month principle only for 6 months

175K 50K down subordination. 500 principle only for 5yrs.

Seller countered at 180K 60K down, 500 principle only for 66months= 87K balloon. Sell to owner Occ for 220K 25K down finance 200K at 6% for 5 years= 78K 

Hope you enjoy, And to get special access to a step by step video on how to structure creative financing offers, text CFP to our hotline at 877-409-8090 or click HERE.

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